visiting a new church can be overwhelming at times. Here is a quick overview of our services. We hope this will help you feel at home when you arrive.

Sunday School

Sunday School - 10am
We have a very casual approach to Sunday School.

Adults: Coffee, tea, and sometimes breakfast treats are enjoyed together around the table as we discuss the mornings lesson.

Kids: We have a fun Sunday School room where kids will enjoy an age appropriate Bible lesson with games and songs as well.

Teens & Young Adults: We also have a separate class geared towards relevant issues and helps for today’s teens.

Sunday morning

Sunday Morning - 11 am

– We begin the morning service with singing from the hymnal together. The hymn title and page number will be on the screen in the front of the church and the Hymnal is in the basket under the row in front of you.

Prayer and Announcements – More Singing and a Meet and Greet time – People will come around and shake your hand and introduce themselves to you.

Bible Message – There are Bibles in the pew so you can follow along also the text will be displayed on the screen in the front.

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon Service - 2 pm

The Afternoon service is similar to the Morning Service but usually a little more informal.

Order of Service
Greeting & Prayer
Bible Study

thursday Bible study

Thursday Bible Study - 7 pm

Our Thursday services start with a time of taking prayer request and then praying for them.

We then move on to our Bible Study for the evening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers

Am I expected to give offering?

As a visitor you are not expected to give.
As you leave, we ask that you place your visitor card in the offering plates on the back table, so we can have a record of your visit. (You could also hand it to the pastor).

Is there a Nursery?

Yes! Down the hall there is a loving nursery.
You can bring your child to the main auditorium as we sing together. We dismiss the children to the nursery before the preaching begins.
You are welcome to come and use the changing table, etc. at any time.

What should I wear?

We do not have a set dress code. We are more interested in you being able to come and draw close to God than being concerned over what you wear! That being said, our ministry leaders and many of our church family dress in more traditional “Sunday” dress, but several people will be there in jeans and a nice shirt.

Can I bring a drink in?

Yes! We have Keurig and you are welcome to bring in a cup.

Have more questions?

Call or text Pastor James at 315-316-2136.
Also you can email at

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